Clove Bud Oil

Warm, sweet, woody and spicy, Clove bud Oil is extracted through steam distillation. Primarily Clove bud Oil is used to promote oral health and hygiene, and has been an acclaimed ingredient in pharmaceuticals and dental products. Specifically, it is used as a dental anaesthetic; as mouthwash and gargle solution, it helps relieve toothaches and fights mouth and throat infections. Other uses include being an ingredient in perfumes, repellents and food additives. Its scent is believed to be an aphrodisiac, and also alleviates fatigue and depression, while helping to stimulate the mind and memory. Clove bud Oil is preferred over its leaf and stem Oils, because of its milder chemical compounds (lesser eugenol percentage) which makes it most suitable for aromatherapy.




Specific Gravity (30 °C)



Refractive Index (30 °C)



Optical Rotation (30 °C)

0° – -1.5°


Solubility in Ethanol 70% v/v

1 in 2