Citronella Oil

Crisp, citrusy and slightly woody, Citronella Oil is extracted through steam distillation of the grass Cymbopogon nardus. The Oil is primarily a non-toxic insect repellent, and as such, is used in the manufacturing of pesticide products – sprays, lotions, and candles. Apart from being used in aromatherapy for anxiety relief, owing to the antibacterial and antiseptic nature found in its compound methyl isoeugenol, it prevents the growth of bacteria, and helps treat wounds and infections that may occur in internal organs of the body. Refreshing, the fragrance is also a known anti depressant.


Pale Yellow


Specific Gravity (30 °C)



Refractive Index (30 °C)



Optical Rotation (30 °C)

-22° – -12°


Solubility in Ethanol 70% v/v

1 in 2