Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Musky sweet, and lighter than its Cinnamon bark counterpart, its leaf Oil is produced by steam distillation. The aromatic organic compound – Phenol in Cinnamon leaves gives the Oil its rejuvenating and health boosting qualities. Cinnamon leaf Oil contains 80% phenols, mainly Eugenol, which has anaesthetic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. As such, the Cinnamon leaf Oil is a vital ingredient in aromatherapy, and is a popular additive in cosmetics and disinfectants.


Bright Yellow


Specific Gravity (30 °C)



Refractive Index (30 °C)



Optical Rotation (30 °C)

1° – 2°


Solubility in Ethanol 70% v/v

1 in 2