Black Pepper Oil

Deeply spicy, heady and sophisticated in its masculine charm, Black Pepper Oil is steam distilled from dried whole peppercorns that are black in colour, but not fully ripe. Primarily Black Pepper Oil is a hot condiment, and is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin A & C, and minerals. Besides aiding with digestion, its warmth also helps with muscle discomforts. Therapeutically, Black Pepper Oil helps improve circulation, is a diuretic – thereby helps purge the body off toxins, and has antibacterial properties. Its intense aroma is empowering and stimulating to the senses.


Bluish Green


Specific Gravity (30 °C)



Refractive Index (30 °C)



Optical Rotation (30 °C)

-15° – +4°


Solubility in Ethanol 70% v/v

1 in 3