About Us

Be it the warmth of Cinnamon; the zest of Citronella; the spiciness of Cardamom; the tang of Black-Pepper; the sweetness of Nutmeg; the piquancy of Cloves; or the essence of any other Spice or Herb, Verge International specializes in the alchemy of extracting and distilling Essential Oils that are guaranteed to be 100% natural, immaculate and unadulterated.


The Company exclusively sources farm grown, premium quality Spices and Herbs from the Spice Gardens of Sri Lanka, and distils them to encapsulate the truest essence of their soul character; as such every product that is hand manufactured by Verge International is pure and irrefutably uncontaminated.


Enjoy the truest essence of Essential Oils that are crafted to enhance the quality of living, be it through its use in Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes or Flavouring. Our products could be purchased both in bulk as part of raw material requirement, or simply for home consumption purposes in little quantities.


Sri Lanka is home to many precious Herbs and Spices that are much sought after, Verge International takes great pride in being able to present to the world these natural treasures, in their very authentic element.

Our Values


Fulfilling our promises and striving for excellence and quality in all what we do so that our client satisfaction is ensured.


Taking ownership of our customers’ needs and being accountable for delivering a friendly and professional service.

Personal development

All opportunities for our own learning are pursued.

Our Vision

To promote the unique quality of products grown in the fertile soil of Sri Lanka and the unique geological position of our island which promotes biodiversity and enhances the intrinsic value of most crops grown on this island.


Our products are sourced island wide and made available to you while adhering to the highest quality control processes that we are proud to bring to the global market.


We truly believe the unique characteristics of our products will not only strengthen the existing trades in spices but will also lead to opportunities to open up new markets.